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Home, family, and home cooked meals have always been passionately important to me, which is why we sell prepared meals to families. So the next generation will grow up eating home cooked meals via Mom’s Table.

About Joanne

My own mom was a great “from-scratch” Mid-Western cook, who taught me at her side in the kitchen. I was hooked on home cooked meals when I made my first pie (pecan) for Home-Ec. at twelve and saw the pleasure on my father’s face.

The idea for Mom’s Table began when my own children would bring their friends home, and when dinner was served, they seemed surprised that it came out of the oven and that we all sat down and ate together!

As a new bride in the 70s, I clipped recipes weekly, took classes in different types of cuisine and experimented on my poor husband (thanks, Scott!). His mother and grandmother introduced me to home cooked meals of the Deep South. I have tried to pass on good nutritional habits over the past 30 years, both in the classroom and to my own four children. Now I like to pass those good nutritional habits on to your family. Check out our menu.

Catering Events

Catering events have also been a part-time occupation, first working for other companies, and then on my own. Having a large gathering soon? Why not call and get a catering quote? We would love to help your group celebrate with good home-style cooking.

Why Home Cooked Meals are Important

I became aware that many women (and men!) my age and younger just weren’t taught to cook the way I was and that the demands on their time prevented them from shopping, cooking and serving it in the traditional way. Research has shown that families that eat dinner together have less substance abuse problems. If providing home cooked meals for you would help bring your family back to the table (and out of the fast-food line!) – let us know!

I look forward to seeing you at our shop soon!


Joanne showcasing her home-style cooking expertise.