2017 Mom's Table home cooking menu

Thanks for visiting our 2017 Mom’s Table home cooking simple dinner ideas for spring and summer. These are popular but simple dinner ideas for you to choose for your family. You will notice we have added beef stroganoff, enchiladas, chicken divan, peanut butter pie, carrot cake, salmon patties, peach crisp(when they sweeten up) and broccoli apple salad.

We also are proud to present special gluten free selections which include salmon patties, chicken salad, Brunswick stew, green beans, zipper peas, garden salad, chicken & beef enchiladas and our famous collard greens. I say famous collard green’s because everyone just raves about how good they taste.

A lighter home cooking menu is always what our mom did because it is so hot this time of year. Vegetables and fruits are in season and added to the healthy aspects of home cooking. No matter if you are at the beach or up in the mountains eating outside was always a joy. Watermelon and popsicles were the candy of our youth. Tomato sandwiches and dill pickles were the weird diets of our day.

Mom’s Table likes to put simple dinner ideas together for your family because they are healthy and nutritious. Both our moms were raised on farms and these were staples for their moms as well. The tradition of home style meals in the south goes back to the time of the pilgrims and they are what makes us a hearty and healthy country.

We try and use low fat, no fat and gluten free ingredients in all our food if it doesn’t change the quality or consistency of our food. So please, ask us how we prepare each and every dish we will be happy to assist you.

So join with Mom’s Table as we celebrate spring and summer with our new home cooking menu for 2017. Order today!

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